I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jean Claude Bradley for many years. I was running spectra at the University of Ottawa as their NMR Facility manager when JC was doing his PhD. We wrote a couple of papers together at that time, lost touch for a few years, reconnected while I was at ACD/Labs and then got back into collaboration when we rolled out ChemSpider.

We’ve been working a lot on supporting UsefulChem and now, with the release of Chemmantis, it seemed appropriate to test the platform on the UsefulChem Blog.

How did I do this? Simple. I went to the ChemMantis Import page and imported a file based on a URL. I used the UsefulChem blog URL. See the thumbnail image to the left. I performed ChemMantis markup and that was it. The results are shown here... Please give time for the page to load on a slow connection. One comment…this is NOT a ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry article. It just shows what we can do when we take a page from a website. We ARE making a copy of it.

One more comment to make. I did NO manual curation on the markup. I clicked the ChemMantis Markup button and a minute later the terms were marked up. I see elements, chemical names and species in the UsefulChem blog.

Personally I think it’s rather nice. I welcome your thoughts…

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2 Responses to “Using ChemMantis to mark-up a Blog – Enabling UsefulChem”

  1. Chris Singleton says:

    Can we enable ChemMantis to have a ‘check all’ and ‘uncheck all’ box when we select what it marks up?

  2. Antony Williams says:

    Chris..thanks for the feedback and request…yes, we can add Check/Uncheck All

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