We have text mined compound names from all RSC 2008-2010 journal articles and loaded these into ChemSpider – adding about 26,000 new-to-ChemSpider compounds with links back to the published articles. We’ve also simplified the view of compound name and chemical/biochemical term highlighting within the Publishing Platform HTML view, so readers can link out from compound names (direct to ChemSpider for related compound information) and from chemical and biochemical terms (to other linked articles). We’ll be extending this to cover our 2011-and-then-ongoing publications, then looking to go further back into our journal archive. Later this week we should also have the compounds visible from the article home page, also linking through to ChemSpider

We have also worked with the Utopia Documents team (getutopia.com) to apply these enhancements to our PDF – so with the free Utopia Documents PDF viewer (originally developed in conjunction with Portland Press for the Biochemical Journal), readers get any enhancements overlaid on top of the PDF as they’re reading and can link out just as they can from the HTML. As this is powered from an API from our Publishing Platform, any additional links we make in future will be reflected in real time without having to update the PDF. Anyone who’s seen Steve Pettifer’s Utopia demonstrations tends to say “wow” at the potential, so many thanks to the Utopia team in Manchester for adding support for RSC articles. As above, this will work on 2008-2010 articles just being loaded, and as we extend the coverage Utopia will pick up and display the additional links for these papers

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