We have just completed the deposition of >180,000 compounds from Vitas-M onto our database.The data source details are here.

From the data sources page: “Vitas-M Laboratory, Ltd. is a major supplier of drug like organic compound libraries for High-Throughput Screening and Combinatorial Chemistry. They produce these compound libraries in their own laboratory located in Moscow and acquire them from their partners located at different chemical laboratories in the former USSR. They have well-established business relationships with many high professional chemists from the different scientific disciplines. All of the researchers have an extensive experience in synthetic organic chemistry or other related fields.

Now that our batch deposition process is up and running for large depositions we are presently adding >50,000 compounds per day to the database until we have cleaned out our backlog of >1,000,000 compounds. Clearly not all of these will be unique but there are certainly many thousands of new structures being added daily. You might experience some minor detrimental impact in terms of search speed as these depositions run. Our apologies.

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