When  ChemSpider was rolled out to the world as a part of ChemZoo we always knew we would be introducing more “critters”. We are happy to announce our progree with our new development ChemMantis. Why Mantis? Well…it’s the Markup And Nomenclature Transformation Integrated System. Fits perfectly into our zoo!

We have been working on the markup of chemistry documents for a number of months and I unveiled the first aspects of our work at the ACS meeting in Philadelphia. The presentation is available online on my Slideshare account. What we are trying to do is to use our ChemSpider platform as the foundation of a document markup system whereby chemical names are automatically identified and can either be converted to chemical structures (possible using algorithms for name to structure conversion) or are retrieved from our ChemSpider database. We have invested a lot of efforts to curate and validate the ChemSpider database of over 21.5 million unique chemical entities over the past year and are now sitting on a foundation of information allowing us to connect between chemical identifiers, chemical structures and out to rich sources such as Wikipedia and PubChem and to provide information such as chemical vendors and other online systems. ChemMantis is well and truly weved into the web of ChemSpider now.

We are now in alpha release and are adding some finishing tweaks to the markup system, the visualization elements and the  workflow. You can see the immediate effects of our recent work on improving the quality of structure images in the balloon below.

We_would_like to test the system on YOUR documents if you are willing to participate. What we are looking for are WORD documents for already published papers. They can be Open or Closed access papers. We are not expecting copyright transfer – we want to markup the documents and return to you for feedback. In the process we will be testing the quality of our Dictionary, our conversions, our visulaizations and our process. We welcome your support. Feel free to connect with us at infoATchemspiderDOTcom. Over the next few weeks you will hear more about ChemMantis and our contributions to text mining and markup of chemistry documents.

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One Response to “Welcome ChemMantis to ChemZoo and a Call for Contributions from the Community”

  1. Andrew Anderson says:

    Looks interesting. There are some names in this patent I’ve struggled with: http://www.google.com/patents?printsec=abstract&zoom=4&dq=nelfinavir&id=jQMYAAAAEBAJ&output=text
    (Of course a keener eye than mine will probably knock these out very quickly)
    The inability to generate structures for these names may foster (or in our case rekindle) an interesting discussions regarding naming in patents.

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