Welcome to JACS beta, a new online journal introduced to me tonight via email.

Excellence in innovation:
ACS Publications introduces JACS Beta— the testing ground for developing new features and functionality for the world’s premier chemistry journal. Available at http://pubs.acs.org/JACSbeta, JACS Beta presents, encourages, and facilitates innovations and new approaches to the presentation of chemical and related research to further communication and understanding as emerging fields and disciplines blend at the interfaces of chemistry, biology, and beyond.”

From the website what I find exciting and encouraging is the ad hoc nature of the journal being suggested

JACS Beta presents our users an opportunity to see what ideas we are experimenting with to improve our website. Your suggestions are important in our identification and selection of features to test on the JACSJACS content on the main website, and will allow JACS to continue to meet the information needs of today’s community of chemists in an expedited fashion. Beta site. Your participation in the polls will help us identify which features are most useful for incorporating in all and/or selected

New features will be added to the JACS Beta site on an ad-hoc basis as they are developed, so we encourage you to visit the site frequently and participate. We commit to evaluating each comment received, and to try to further improve our functionality and features. For submission of ideas to JACS Beta, please visit our feedback page.”

This sounds like a great opportunity to tell ACS what you would like their journals to look like in the future. Very exciting. The first Virtual Issue is here. The first virtual issue is on:”Total Synthesis of Biologically Active Natural Products” and the header states:

In order to both highlight and further explain topics of interest to a diverse audience, the Journal of the American Chemical Society introduces JACS Virtual Issues, thematic Web-based collections of the best of recently published JACS papers.

All articles will remain free to non-subscribers until the appearance of the next Virtual Issue. Please note that the article links will take you off of the JACS Beta site and bring you to the normal journal website.

Unless I am misinterpreting it that means I should be able to read the articles for free but it will go through the usual journal website. Well, call my dumb and prove me wrong but I kept getting an “authorization required” page when I tried to browse either the HTML or the PDF of any of the articles listed in the Virtual issue. Even using my login name and password failed. Let me know if it works for you. I hope so, then I can debug at my side and their release will have gone live with minor hiccups. If we all hit this barrier then oops.

I solved the problem above after much play by refreshing on the login page (using Ctrl-F5) and also refreshing on the JACS beta page (using Ctrl-F5). Then I could get to the articles no problem. If you run into issues try this trick.

I’ve already left some feedback for them through this form and informed them of the inability to get to the articles but also suggested that on the feedback form that they provide a place to put a name and email address for follow-up should they have comments else how would they respond to our feedback? One way feedback in beta-state is not optimal as you might need to ask for clarification from feedback submitters. Seems like an oversight.

Anyhow…I AM interested to see where JACS beta goes. Watching with interest…

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4 Responses to “Welcome to JACS beta”

  1. Steven Bachrach says:

    I just tried out a link to the html version of a paper in the Virtual Issue and was able to get it – and I did this from home where I do not have access to the ACS publications.

  2. David Bradley says:

    Wonder why they didn’t follow in Google’s footsteps and call it JACS Labs, it would’ve been so much more appropriate for a chemical org, surely?

    Thanks for the pointer


  3. Darla Henderson, Ph.D. says:

    Happy to hear you discovered and like our new JACS Beta site. I want to clarify it is not actually a new journal (although you may occasionally find new content posted there), but an innovative site for testing new features we are considering adding to our full JACS site. We see this site as another opportunity to interact with the community in a direct fashion to test our ideas and the community’s ideas. We are already in the process of implementing one quick improvement you suggested to the JACS Beta site and will add the email/name option on the feedback forms as we truly want this to be an interactive experience for all our users. We welcome all your comments and suggestions.
    Darla Henderson
    Senior Acquisitions Editor
    American Chemical Society

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