The primary mission behind ChemSpider is to build a community for chemists. Initially this was to be a structure centric community for chemists but now we are starting to expand out of those limitations and you will see more information on that in the next few weeks. In order to build a community for chemists we want to engage our users in discussion and provide an environment for discussion about chemistry, chemicals, reactions and all things Chemistry.

With this in mind we have released the ChemSpider Forums. The ChemSpider Forums is the place for users to connect and form a community. There are other Chemistry forums online already. We hope that this one will provide an additional gathering place for discussing chemistry as well as what we can do to enhance our system and serve your needs. With time we hope to integrate the ChemSpider database with the Forum more closely but we are releasing at this time to initiate discussions.

Please visit the ChemSpider Chemistry Forum and help us build a community for chemists. For right now we have set up a number of separate discussion groups. We welcome your input if you have other suggestions.

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