The Advisory Group for ChemSpider is starting to expand again as we expand our efforts in the domain of text-mining and Wiki’ing chemistry. We’re happy to welcome Chris Singleton to our advisory group and to bring his passion to Wiki’ing Chemistry to bear on our projects. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris on an NMR structure elucidation problem, that of hexacyclinol. Chris has been one of the biggest contributors of analytical data to ChemSpider and has submitted hundreds of spectra and URL links to chromatography separation conditions.

From the Advisory group page:

“Chris Singleton has joined the Chemspider Advisory Group on Wiki-Based Chemistry to further the growth of open science and open knowledge. The free availability of open knowledge and analytical data is vital to this effort, and Chris is focusing on Wiki-Based Chemistry in this regard. He has worked with NMR, LC-MS, chiral HPLC, GC and chiral GC, and a variety of mass spectrometric techniques in the past. He is currently a bioanalytical chemist and specializes in LC/MS-MS for quantitative measurement of small molecules from biological matrices.”

Welcome Chris!

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