There are multiple structure drawing editors on ChemSpider. And we could add more! For example, one we don’t have is JSDraw and we also don’t have the ChemDoodle components in place, yet, though I am VERY impressed with the spectral display components that are integrated into the SpectralGame that ChemSpider supports. Compared to just a few years ago there is now an abundance of structure drawing editors in the form of Applets and JavaScript Editors. So many in fact that it can be confusing to the user. The user in reality should not worry about the technology behind the editor. It should be quite simple, especially when it comes to something as simple as the editor being the interface to querying ChemSpider. It should display perfectly on the browser(s) and platform(s) used by the user, it should be intuitive and easy to use (preferably without having to resort to reading help files), and essentially, it should “do what I want it to do”. Not at all an unreasonable list of demands right? Not so easy to deliver on mind you!

On ChemSpider we have multiple structure drawing editors. If you visit this page and open up the selection window by using “Click to Edit” you will see the editor below and, underneath the editor shown, a series of editors that you can choose from.

Structure Editors on ChemSpider

There has to be an order of listing the editors…the listed order is NOT a preferred order from our point of view. Just a list. We have heard feedback from numerous people about their preferred editor. Some live and breath the Java Molecular Editor (JME). Some prefer Accelrys JDraw because they already use Accelrys Draw. Many think that Elemental is a great Javascript Editor.

We are left with a choice….leave all editors (which has a cost in time to support them, keep them updated, tested etc) or reduce the number of editors to just a couple (or three). So, we welcome your input, on this blog post as a comment, or via the survey on SurveyMonkey here. We’d like your input to help steer our decision. Thanks

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