As most people who read this blog and use ChemSpider will know we can manage spectral data, and it is even being used as the basis of an NMR game. We have previously required spectral data to be deposited as JCAMP spectra but we have noticed an increasing number of people wanting to upload spectral images so we thought why not, and now recognize images in various formats also. We thought it was a good thing for the community to recognize their needs and put it in place just a few days ago.

Some of the spectra we have deposited are particularly ugly..full of impurities and poor S/N. Not the best sampels for the NMR Game. With the new capability to upload images it was great to see that people were using it and we were thankful for the recent deposition by Katie Crow. Every spectrum that gets deposited sends an email to the curators to check. This one came in on Monday

“Dear ChemSpider Curator,

Record #13850247 has been changed by Katie  Crow(crowk).

User has added new spectrum:
Spectrum Type:  HNMR
File:  n687580801_1026524_6412.jpg
Associated Hyperlink:
Open Data: no

All details are available by the following link:


So, off we went to review. Well, the image was attractive, it’s not clear what the purity of the sample is..but for sure it’s two components. We’ll leave the spectrum up for a few days for a new type of game. This one to figure out “Who is Katie Crow and where is she?”. CHeck out the so-called spectrum….you’ll see why. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “spectra”. Katie..thanks for the deposition. We look forward to more of the same.

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