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When is a “Free Medical Encyclopedia” not what’s advertised? When it’s Wikipedia…

I am seeing a lot of ChemSpider links showing up in various places but today I happend across links from a so-called “Free Medical Encyclopedia”. A close examination shows that it’s nothing more, as far as I can tell, than Wikipedia articles. Look at this article on Tramadol on the encyclopedia and compare with the article on Wikipedia here. There is no recognition of Wikipedia that I can see…rather inappropriate.

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3 Responses to “Wikipedia Chemistry is Everywhere”

  1. Egon Willighagen says:

    And rather illegal. They are required to reproduce the copyright notice and the license. I left a comment in the blog; it may simply be unawareness.

  2. Josh W. says:

    Unabashed plagiarism of Wikipedia is shockingly common! There are a number of “encyclopedia” sites that are nothing more than Wikipedia mirrors for a subset of its content. Sometimes they give credit, sometimes not. Usually I give any informative site a quick test, searching an exact phrase in Google so see if it comes from anywhere else. Most of the time the plagiarizers don’t cover their tracks very well…

  3. Bear says:

    Same thing has been done with Medline’s MeSH.

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