In order to help out organizations and people I have respect for, as well as helping people find employment, I try to help out on this blog by posting available jobs. I’ve done this twice previously…and connected people. So, with that in mind if there is anyone reading this blog who is interested in, or knows of someone who might be interested in a sales role in chemistry software please contact me directly. The position is for the East Coast of US/Canada with a focus on molecular docking (flexible ligand docking & fast pre-docking), 3D database searching, de novo design, 3D visualization techniques and related domains. Their expectation is someone with passion and high energy and some experience in direct sales in North America. Anybody interested?

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One Response to “Yet Another Job Position in Chemistry Software Sales”

  1. raj says:

    i am a fresh master student from india and iam very much interested in chemistry related softwares and i did projects in india about softwares which are essential for HPLC,GC,FTIR etc.. which includes empower, EZ chrome elite, chemstation, class VP,classGC, others like Chemdraw … i am interested in working with you sir if given opportunity … thank you

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