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Posted by David Bradley on June 6th, 2007

RSS Newsfeed IconWhat is RSS?

Put simply RSS is a way to keep up to date with this website.

Wherever you see the RSS newsfeed icon on the Spinneret site, just click it to subscribe to our full-text newsfeed in your favourite newsreader. With a newsreader you get all the latest posts direct to your desktop without even having to visit the site!

You can even share posts, bookmark them, and comment on them, all without having to hit the Sciencebase site, just click the appropriate links in the newsfeed.

Not got a newsreader installed?

Not to worry, we have set things up (using Feedburner) so that you get various choices when you click that newsfeed icon. Anyway, you shake it depending on your browser, you get options that allow you to subscribe for free to the Spinneret newsfeed. You can also use an online news reader such as: Google Reader, Bloglines, you My Yahoo! page, Newsgator, AOL, Rojo, Pageflakes, Technorati favorites, and Netvibes to keep up to date.

The orange RSS icons associated with sidebar news headlines also let you subscribe to our associate sites including the newsfeeds for ChemSpy and Sciencebase.