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Sildenafil, ViagraViagra could be the cure mile-high clubbers have been waiting for. Apparently, not only can the drug help men keep up appearances at any altitude, new research could lead to its extension to other areas of medicine, such as the treatment of jet lag with viagra also known as sildenafil.

Does being in the mile high club cure jet lag?

2 Responses to “Join the Mile High Club, Cure Jet Lag”

David, as you know ChemSpider gets a lot of traffic as a result of searches on Erectile Dysfunction drugs. I’ve blogged this at but CAUTION…it is R-rated since it is all about EDs, and how they contribute to larger InChIs and bigger SMILES.

You could almost see the red faces of the Radio 4 newsreaders when this rampant hamster story broke. Would have been even funnier if they’d used rabbits in the experiment instead