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Chlorpyrifos structureYears ago, I wrote about the lab-on-a-CD concept (actually it was in the September 2001 issue of Reactive Reports). Now, it seems the use of CD-ROMs and DVDs and the hardware used to play these popular audio and video compact discs (CDs) is coming of age in terms of home health monitoring and laboratory-based testing. Spanish scientists say CD technology could be adapted for tests ranging from the measurement of environmental toxins to at-home disease diagnosis.

More on diagnosing disease with a CD player.

4 Responses to “Diagnosing Disease With a CD Player”

I have to admit that is pretty cool!

Well, the Japanese have had diagnostic lavatories for quite some time now, it was only a matter of time before other domestic appliances were brought into th fold. What next though, a microwave oven that tests stool samples while you defrost that pizza?


Having visited Japan on a number of occasions I bow to the technological complexity of the Japanese toilet. Not knowing their bias towards electronic toilets imagine my shock when I thought I was switching on the radio only to be powerwashed in the nether regions. It was a good 40 minute adventure testing the “can-cleaner” for different variations of water pressure, temperature and directions….including “pulses”. Water pressure can get so high as to effect a good polishing of the rear molars too…

Toooooo much information CSM!