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ChemSpider LogoThe Spinneret is the spider’s silk-making organ on which its ability to weave its web hinges. Our online analog of the spinneret, presented by science writer David Bradley and the ChemSpider team, will weave a web of chemistry news, bringing you new insights into the fascinating molecular world.

As you can see, we’ve enabled several extras in addition to the molecular blog that rolls out in the central column, including an online units converter, newsfeeds from the Sciencebase, Chemspy, ScienceText sites, and a selection of useful related links courtesy of Google at the top of the left-hand column. Easiest way to keep up to date with Spinneret is to click the RSS or feed icons and subscribe to our newsfeed using Google Reader, Bloglines, My Yahoo! or your favorite news aggregator.

You can also use the search box to track down earlier posts in Spinneret, browse the Archives or catch up with recent posts and user comments via the sidebars. Also, in the sidebars: Science Jobs newsfeed courtesy of Careerbuilder, a constantly updated roster of new sci, tech, and eng jobs as they come online.

Finally, if you’ve got a chemistry blog you would like us to add to the ever-expanding Spinneret Blogroll, please get in touch.

One Response to “Welcome to Spinneret”

David, I look forward to collaborating with you on the synergies of the ChemSpider website and the Spinneret webzine. I believe the marriage between the value of the ChemSpider transaction server and database search engine together with the potential social community value of the webzine and future ChemSpider blog will deliver value to chemists around the world. I truly wish you success with Spinneret and look forward to reading the wonderful tales you will weave for us!