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For the past 8 months I’ve been running two blogs associated with ChemSpider…the ChemSpider blog and this blog, ChemSpider News. These had different intents – the ChemSpider blog was to cover the general directions, vision, activities, challenges and community conversations about the ChemSpider service. ChemSpider News was to cover details of new functionality as it was rolled out. What has happened is that the postings on this blog regarding new functionality have been missed by the readers of the other blog as a result of the readership being different (and different subscriptions to Feedburner being in place). This has not been good for the ChemSpider users since they have not been getting the latest and greatest news about new functionality. It’s a great shame to deliver new functionality and not have people use it for weeks on end because they don’t know about it.What I’ve also been posting on the ChemSpider blog are my own personal views regarding a whole variety of issues…none of them ChemSpider related. For example, my views on vaccines, on fluoride, on drugs, and on my views of various research undertakings. Recently John Doe took me to task in a recent response on the ChemSpider blog. While I vehemently disagree with his comment regarding the reasons behind my posting I have decided to separate news regarding ChemSpider and its mission, direction and new functionality from my own personal commentaries, pleas, musings and, once in a while, thigh-slapping fun exchanges (especially the ones about erectile dysfunction drugs and how the drug industry can learn from the golfing industry).

So, this site, while it will remain online for past references , will be discontinued in terms of new postings and all new functionality comments will be posted to the ChemSpider Blog. The ChemSpider blog will become just that…all about ChemSpider.

chemconnector-logo.pngRegarding ChemConnector and it’s associated Blog. That blog will be a communication vehicle for the website, to go online shortly. As many of you will know me from the ChemSpider blog you will likely be aware that I took a sabbatical after 10 years working a company and have taken a few months down. For the time-being my intention is to spend some time consulting for groups and organizations interested in utilizing my skills and growing the business of ChemConnector – Connecting Scientists to Problem Solvers. This, of course, in parallel to the ongoing work on ChemSpider. More on this will come shortly and will be exposed on the site.