I’ve blogged previously on our introduction of data curating of the ChemSpider database. The process continues and there are multiple pages of suggested changes already made and we will be rolling these suggested edits into the database shortly. We will also be rolling out additional capabilities to curate shortly. Watch this space.

For now we are continuing to acknowledge those users of ChemSpider contributing to the cleansing of the data in ChemSpider. This month we want to acknowledge Barrie Walker, our newest member of the Advisory Group for the detailed work he has performed on analyzing the data over the past few weeks. We are about to add some more of Barrie’s content onto the ChemSpider database from his Chirals Database. I have known Barrie for a number of years and have worked with him very closely on the analysis of systematic nomenclature…in this domain Barrie has an incredible eye for detail…and ChemSpider is fortunate to benefit! Thanks Barrie.

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