‘Twas the night before Tuesday and all through the house, ChemSpider was running then got hit with a louse.

An unfortunate outage last night for ChemSpider as it went down for about three hours. Despite our best efforts to track the issue to something we can control the logfiles suggest that it was actuaal a web server glitch. Our want is to have system redundancy for just such a situation but unfortunately that will require yet another investment in hardware and that is simply not feasible at this time due to “employment status” and insufficient availability of funds. Unlike the majority (or all) of the similar systems online providing this service ChemSpider is funded by the hosts and there are no grants, capital investors or rich uncles behind it! We are up to a grand sum of about $2.50 a day from Google Adsense so can buy a Starbucks coffee cup now…another $1 and we’ll be filling it.

Even with server redundancy we are still at the mercy of ISP outages and power outages so are presently in discussions to see if there is a separate facility where we can have redundancy and less chance of outages.

Meanwhile, if I have a rich uncle out there reading the blog and you’d like to help sponsor the site we are accepting help! If you want to donate a server to the cause we’ll take it.

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