We do not hide issues with ChemSpider…we expose them. Since we went live with our beta version of ChemSpider on March 27th we have kept an update of known bugs on our website at our Known Bugs page. As we knock off the bugs one by one, based on priority, we simply remove them from the page so what you see are known issues.

While updating the database in the past week to drive us above 14.5 Million compounds we have identified two new issues that you should be aware of.
1) We have long known that our structure cleaning algorithm has limitations. There are some example catastrophic failures in the latest database. For the time being we have no solution to this but are presently looking at potential solutions including that available in the CDK.
2) Some of the InChI strings are very long. We use SQL Server for indexing the strings for searching but SQL server has a 900 character limitation for indexed fields. As a result strings longer than 900 characters have been truncated. We know how to resolve this and will do so in the near future as time permits.

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