Over the past few months we have continued to add layers of curation and annotation to the records on the ChemSpider database. We have enabled direct data curation, the addition of spectral data and a beta version of new structure submission.

We have been spending a lot of time working on cleaning existing identifiers on the ChemSpider database. However, an obvious but lacking feature was the simple ability to add a new identifier to an existing record. So…it’s done now..

To add an identifier simply Login to the system and search on the structure of interest. if you know there is an identifier missing simply click on: Add Identifier. When you do so a box will open allowing you to add one or more identifiers (one per line please) as shown below.

Add Identifier

Unless you have curating permissions you will not see the check box to approve the identifier. That is left to the curators. Simply fill in the captcha, the two word confirmation box in place to keep spammers at bay, and the identifiers will be added to the list. You have just contributed to the list of chemical names on ChemSpider. Thank you!

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