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So how many times have you done a search on ChemSpider to find a structure that you would like to save locally to your computer? Have you ranted at us for the fact that you cannot save it. Sorry….it’s been on the list for a while but we haven’t been able to get to it. It’s done now. In fact it’s one of the three capabilities now available for each structure displayed after a search. The options are “load, save or zoom”. The load option allows you to pass that structure back to the search window to perform a new search. The save option allows you to save the structure to the desktop as a molfile or open it directly to a helper application supporting the molfile format. The zoom option has been discussed previously. Please try out the new download functionality and give us feedback. If you are looking for a PC-based desktop application we recommend ACD/ChemSketch freeware.

Load Save ZOom options

We intend to keep adding tools for ease-of-use and improved visualization of the results set based on user feedback. Some of these changes have been introduced recently:

1) Are you one of those users interested in “larger molecules” and they simply can’t be seen with the clarity you demand? We hear you. So, a simple enhancement has been made….outlined below.

Following a search you will see structures represented in the standard display, a part of which is shown below.

Initial view

In order to be able to see a zoomed in view simply click on the structure panel to navigate to the details page. Then you will see a magnifying glass in the bottom right hand side as shown below.

Magnifying glass

Click on the magnifying glass and you will see an expanded view of the structure as we show below.

Zoomed in structure

Shortly, we promise, we will let you download the structure as a molfile to your desktop!

Many users implement the Google Toolbar into their browser. Personally I find it very useful to have immediate access to Google in this way. By way of providing easier access to ChemSpider searching via the Google Toolbar a toolbar button is now available.

Next time you visit the Search page you will see a Google Toolbar Button hyperlink as shown below.

Google Toolbar

Click on the hyperlink and the Add Button dialog box will be displayed as shown below.

Add Button Dialog

Once the button is installed you will see it as shown below…it does NOT have a red highlight around it on the toolbar.

Google toolbar

There are two ways to use the button:
1) Either type the text into the text box adjacent to the button and select the ChemSpider button to perform the search
2) Select some text on a webpage and then select the ChemSpider button to perform the search. An example for this is shown below for a search based on text from a Wikipedia page.

Valtrex on Wikipedia

The Highlighted Text is Then Searched on ChemSpider


Hopefully the Google Toolbar will give you even easier access to ChemSpider searches…

As a user of ChemSpider you might have been annoyed by the screen refreshes which occur after you select a specific operation on the Search or Services screen. From this point forward you will find the experience more “desktop” in nature as a result of layering Ajax onto the site.

Also, those of you who use text-based searches will find the new feature of “ChemSpider Suggest” of value. For more details visit the main blog but essentially ChemSpider suggests allows you to start typing the first few letters of the word you are interested in searching for and it will give you a list of potentials as shown below. There are two parameters we can tune at present and we’d like your input – the number of letters to type before a suggestion shows up and the number of rows to suggest.

ChemSpider Suggest