This blog has been set up to allow us to interact with you, the ChemSpider user community. Previously we have posted our New Release features online and we will likely continue to do so. With time the majority of our New Release information will be posted here at this blog as people become more familiar with this format.

ChemSpider News is a partner to the original blog and that one will remain focused on ChemSpider vision and politics, related science and about how the system works. ChemSpider News will be about the nitty-gritty of changes to the functions and capabilities, operating environment and questions for you to help provide guidance about how you would like to see ChemSpider work. This will even be down to the level of how you might want to see a particular function enabled as well as testing features at the alpha and beta release stages.

We encourage your participation…no question is too small, criticism will be assumed to be constructive. Please help us make ChemSpider the service that you would like it to be!

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