Many users implement the Google Toolbar into their browser. Personally I find it very useful to have immediate access to Google in this way. By way of providing easier access to ChemSpider searching via the Google Toolbar a toolbar button is now available.

Next time you visit the Search page you will see a Google Toolbar Button hyperlink as shown below.

Google Toolbar

Click on the hyperlink and the Add Button dialog box will be displayed as shown below.

Add Button Dialog

Once the button is installed you will see it as shown below…it does NOT have a red highlight around it on the toolbar.

Google toolbar

There are two ways to use the button:
1) Either type the text into the text box adjacent to the button and select the ChemSpider button to perform the search
2) Select some text on a webpage and then select the ChemSpider button to perform the search. An example for this is shown below for a search based on text from a Wikipedia page.

Valtrex on Wikipedia

The Highlighted Text is Then Searched on ChemSpider


Hopefully the Google Toolbar will give you even easier access to ChemSpider searches…

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  1. David Bradley says:

    Neat addition. Trying it now…


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