There are almost 17 million chemical structures indexed on the ChemSpider database now. The database is built up from data supplied by a long list of contributors (it does take a while to generate this page from the structures so give it time). As a user of ChemSpider you might be interested in searching one or more of the data sources from the overall database. This is available via an Advanced Search as shown below.

Advanced Search screen

Simply click on the data sources check box and select the list of databases that you would like to search. For example, if you are interested in Metabolomics you might want to search only the HMDB and Drugbank databases. So, simply select those databases to perform the search.

Data Sources Search

Shortly we will be segregating the data sources so that users can select searches of PubChem, available chemicals, natural products, screening databases, spectroscopy databases, physicochemical parameter databases and other groupings. We will also be providing a deeper annotation of each of the databases so that it is clear what each database is providing. Watch this space.

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