At beta release we were still experimenting with indexing of the database amd visualization of the hit list. As a result we limited the number of hits that would be returned for review to only 50. Clearly there are MANY occasions where there are more than 50 hits. We’ve received requests from people using mass searching specifically to not constrain the number of hits to 50. For example, an advanced search on a monisotopic mass of 700+/-1 gives over 5000 hits. A search on the substring “furan” provides over 19000 hits. There are many other variants where 50 hits is an inappropriate limitation. Now the thousands of hits can be viewed albeit in multiple pages with scrolling.

What we are still lacking is a Progress Bar for such complex searches. The time bound on a complex search has been set to 180 seconds. Some of the searches may take this long so just wait after executing. If we cannot succeed within 3 minutes we will abort. Otherwise, expect your answers to show up. Please be sensible with your searches. Text searches of 10 million synonyms can be time consuming. For example, while you COULD do a search on “methyl” as a substring why would you? Do a real search…one you care about….it’s a real test of the system. Structure searches are generally very quick. They will get quicker – we have ordered a new server and will be putting it online in the coming week. Let us know your comments, failures and expectations…remember, we are still beta.

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