So how many times have you done a search on ChemSpider to find a structure that you would like to save locally to your computer? Have you ranted at us for the fact that you cannot save it. Sorry….it’s been on the list for a while but we haven’t been able to get to it. It’s done now. In fact it’s one of the three capabilities now available for each structure displayed after a search. The options are “load, save or zoom”. The load option allows you to pass that structure back to the search window to perform a new search. The save option allows you to save the structure to the desktop as a molfile or open it directly to a helper application supporting the molfile format. The zoom option has been discussed previously. Please try out the new download functionality and give us feedback. If you are looking for a PC-based desktop application we recommend ACD/ChemSketch freeware.

Load Save ZOom options

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