I have reported previously on the integration between the ChemSpider site and the SureChem online patent database (1,2,3). What is unique about the SureChem patent database is that it is searchable by structure and substructure as well as text. By indexing the structures from SureChem on ChemSpider we can allow search results on ChemSpider to link directly to the related patent on SureChem. One click away.

We have now added the ability to search ONLY structures with associated patents. In the Advanced Search Mode simply click on the appropriate option “Filter only those having patents link”. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Search Structures With Associated Patents Only”

  1. Chris Southan says:

    Tony, what are your update/feed cycles for the SureChem patent cpds > ChemSpider > PubChem ?

    I guess when ChemSpider fed 16790601 cpds into PubChem the SureChem set was included but when will all 9 million get in ?

  2. ChemSpiderMan says:

    We are presently working with SureChem to process a new dataset. This will include a series of very significant enhancements but I’m not going to steal their thunder. i think you’ll like them a lot! If you want more info let’s connect off-blog.

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