Archive for March 21st, 2009

The selection of sources we can full text search is growing but is still limited by publisher permission.

However, the references within those papers, which are obviously from a much wider set of sources, is available to us and now you can search for them, see the demo << HERE >>.

Click on the example on the search form for a usage guide. Feedback appreciated.

Again, full integration into ChemSpider /ChemMantis and addition of other sources is pending (and running all this off one laptop for too long is not advisable).

This makes article metadata for over a million articles searchable in a structured way.

The << literature search >> capability has some new features, such as a “cited in” link beneath search results. This represents our efforts to incorporate Google Scholar like features into ChemSpider using text indices. We have indexed 230K articles so far into this new framework and would appreciate your feedback.

A demo is online << HERE >> and it is currently covering the RSC free access set and the JBC. Other sources will be re-added from the old search over the coming weeks and there are new features planned (time and resources permitting) including:

- ability to search for references within articles

- references extracted from articles displayed in search results and links to which other articles they are also cited in

- filtering results by fields such as author / journal name

Full integration into ChemSpider and ChemMantis is also anticipated.