We have been requested to remove all RSC articles from the ChemRefer Index.
The articles in question, from 1997-2004 are marked as ‘Free access’ and, these being indexable according to the robots.txt file, formed the basis of the current indexing. The RSC are unhappy at the way their articles have been presented and linked to in our search results, and consider that the additional intended reuse of the indexed information in ChemSpider without permission violates the terms of use.

RSC will reconsider the indexing policy for ChemRefer if requested changes are made to the search results and we are presently in discussions with the RSC to identify and execute on these modifications.  All RSC articles will be de-indexed from ChemRefer during the next indexing cycle.

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8 Responses to “Agreement Reached between ChemRefer and RSC”

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    [...] ChemSpiderMan Says: October 15th, 2007 at 6:16 pm ePeter…fyi regarding the situation: Visit http://www.chemspider.com/open-chemistry-web/?p=4 [...]

  2. Egon Willighagen says:

    What is the nature of these required changes? Layout? Missing DOI?

  3. will says:

    We agreed the statement in this post with the RSC, so I am reluctant to add extra detail regarding their views to this particular post (which would thereby modify it). However, I do think that adding the extra feature(s) you point out might be good in any case.

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    [...] that the RSC is no longer indexed at their request. We were sad to lose them from our [...]

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    [...] Late last week I posted about a message left by CAS on the Wikipedia pages regarding the CAS Number Validation project we had started at Wikipedia Chemistry to assist in producing a quality curated dataset. There was an interesting outpouring of judgement and negativity regarding the message posted by CAS balanced by a hope for resolution and new connections. My hope in building the community of chemists at ChemSpider, is to do so while staying in relationship with key players in the domain. I prefer to do things with permission and while I will cajole and encourage shifts I choose to respect the expectations of the players. [...]

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    [...] before we merged the two entities. If you don’t it’s described in detail over on the Open Chemistry Web blogsite. It was really all a misunderstanding based on robots.txt file and communication but, [...]

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