To build further on what information people might like to see in search results. Currently we have a ’summary’ feature planned which will allow people to view amongst other things:

A list of the number of articles per journal (in that set of search results for the entered keyword(s))

A simple bar chart type presentation outlining the number of articles matching the research query by the year the research was published (in that set of search results for the entered keyword(s)).

The idea is that users can easily build a snapshot of where to find research (in terms of which journals) and when that research activity peaked. I’m also working on some analogous features which will perform similar functions but for author names.

It is all PHP based – not for any good reason just can’t speak any other language to a computer. The manipulation of PDFs is a particular challenge I find, but there is a nice program “pdftotext” to be found here which will solve all your PDF headaches, at least as far as text indexing is concerned.

Any other feature suggestions or other comments welcome.

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