As the latest addition to ChemSpider’s services, ChemRefer is specialised in text-indexing and it is now focused (and soon to be integrated with the main ChemSpider search) on providing access to chemistry related information and building a structure centric community for chemists. I originally created the ChemRefer service to allow chemists to have a search engine to perform text-based searches of freely accessible chemistry articles. When I saw what ChemSpider was trying to achieve I joined their advisory group to assist their efforts. With time it was clear that a closer relationship would benefit both parties. Now, ChemRefer and ChemSpider are merged together and we have an opportunity to produce a FREE search engine which will allow users to input structural and textual queries into one search interface. Any ideas, comments on any sources you would like us to index or any features you would wish this service to have are most welcome.

This blog is a parallel blog to the ChemSpider Blog and ChemSpider News so that we can discuss the ins and outs of text indexing of the chemistry literature. At a time when there is a great deal of openly available literature and data in this arena, it is time there was an openly available service with the cheminformatics and text indexing capabilities to search this effectively. We want to play a role in making that happen. We look forward to dialoguing with you. Please add Open Chemistry Web to your Blog Reader…

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4 Responses to “Welcome to Open Chemistry Web”

  1. Mitch says:

    Big fan of chemrefer, this sounds like a great collaboration.


  2. will says:

    Thanks >>Always good to have a fan.

    All comments, praise and criticisms (but praise is better) welcome.

  3. Unilever Centre for Molecular Informatics, Cambridge - petermr’s blog » Blog Archive » Chemspider and “Open Chemistry Web” says:

    [...] So: Welcome to Open Chemistry Web [...]

  4. Lai Im Lancaster says:

    Appreciate a Free Search engine for cheminformatics especially if it is user friendly

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