The ChemSpider Advisory Group

Since the inception of ChemSpider we have looked to our colleagues in the chemistry community to provide input regarding the direction for our project. Over a four year period an advisory group was established that helped guide, position and connect ChemSpider into the chemistry community. Our advisory group was made up of Mike Lee, John Shockcor, Sean Ekins, Mark Bayliss, Gary Martin, Jean-Claude Bradley, Barry Bunin, Gerry McKiernan, John Meyers, Steve Heller, Joerg Wegner, Christoph Steinbeck, Robert Lancashire, William Griffiths, Rudy Potenzone, Egon Willighagen, Barrie Walker, John Blunt, Soaring Bear, Stan Young, Greg Pearl, Alexander Tropsha, Michael Goldsmith, Martin Walker and Chris Singleton.

As they say, all good things must come to an end. We are presently in the process of inviting participants to create a new panel of advisors. We extend our thanks to our first advisory group for their support, guidance and commitment to the success of ChemSpider and look forward to announcing our new panel shortly. Onward and upward in our mission to provide the world’s foremost free internet resource for chemists.

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