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631676316709/05/2021 12:23:50NormalNewi want to hydroxypyridinone compound. pls contact my email id
648799936487999306/05/2021 18:23:00NormalNewGood afternoon, I was wondering if the substiuent on this molecule is supposed to be a 7-Azaindole or a 6-azaindole. Thank you, Angelie Matar
212326582123265803/05/2021 01:08:28NormalNewThe SMILES data does not include stereochemical information
948269482629/04/2021 06:02:55NormalNewRN 84836-33-9 is a substantially different structure than this one (both PubChem and SciFinder indicate a diphenylethene substance). In PubChem, RN 80449-31-6 and RN 80449-32-7 both point to a record for "ulinastatin is a multivalent Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor". SciFinder says 80449-31-6 is a trypsin inhibitor and 80449-32-7 is 143 amino acids, and that these share some names with each other. According to SciFinder, the RN for the structure in this record (diagram and systematic names) is 80499-32-7 ("499" not "449" typo). I suspect there is an echo-chamber of this getting passed around various other databases. dan
680073046800730427/04/2021 15:31:10NormalNewNewly published monograph in The Merck Index Online:
936879368725/04/2021 23:39:56HighNewThere's a mistake. Chemspider exact match search says "Buphedrone", but buphedrone is C11H15NO (wikipedia). This compound is phenylisobutylamine with formula C10H15N (no oxygen), so molecular formula on chemspider is correct, and name "buphedrone" is wrong.
21419021419025/04/2021 16:05:15NormalNewThe CAS# 92424-67-4 applies to a different chemical compound
8619579861957921/04/2021 00:58:50NormalNewBoth enantiomers of flavopucine are known as natural products. Also related are the fungal rot toxin A and sapinopyridione for which absolute configurations have been established. Eur. J. Org. Chem. 5156 (2011). Thanks. Prof Geoff Cordell
8573040857304020/04/2021 09:16:56NormalNewIt is noot correct, there should be a other O
9811069981106919/04/2021 11:38:30NormalNewHi all, Now in TMIO: Thanks!
349955583499555819/04/2021 11:36:24NormalNewHi all, Now in TMIO: Thanks!
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5831583118/04/2021 09:02:00NormalNewThanks for The information
349923303499233017/04/2021 21:17:12NormalNewHow would you draw and index a material described as the cis- isomer of this material ?? Barrie
349841453498414515/04/2021 09:28:35NormalNewNewly published monograph in The Merck Index* Online:
349799463497994615/04/2021 09:27:52NormalNewNewly published monograph in The Merck Index* Online:
229433672294336714/04/2021 04:29:41LowNew3D structure is wrong, methyl group inside a carbon 6 ring. Visual and automatic inspection required. Confirmation with AM1 Arguslab, MMff94 Avogadro and GFN-XTB2 (grimme lab).
239373352393733509/04/2021 19:13:07NormalNewName should be Trimetazidine-D8 to avoid ambiguity with non-mass labeled.
50809550809509/04/2021 09:32:19NormalNewShouldn't the 4 giving the position of the substitution of the phenyl ring be in fact 4'?
7827782707/04/2021 03:11:51NormalNewDear CheamSpider We want to ask for the purity of propyl sulfide and how many milliliters a minimum purchase