The Cheminformatics Team

We work at Thomas Graham House in Cambridge in the UK and also in offices in the USA.

Colin Batchelor Colin Batchelor is a Senior Informatics Analyst at the Royal Society of Chemistry which he joined as a Technical Editor in 2001 after a DPhil in physical and theoretical chemistry on Molecular Rydberg Dynamics. His work is currently on extracting machine-readable chemistry from text and images in the chemical literature and on chemical structure processing, names and naming for ChemSpider. He publishes regularly on applications of natural language processing and on formal ontology as applied to science. He is a member of the IUPAC Committee for Printed and Electronic Publications and the IUPAC Subcommittee on the IUPAC International Chemical Identifier.
Peter Corbett Peter Corbett studied Chemistry at the University of Cambridge (MSci, PhD). During his PhD he investigated dynamic combinatorial chemistry. From 2005 to 2009 he worked as a postdoctoral research associate at the Unilever Centre for Molecular Informatics in Cambridge, working on natural language processing of chemistry texts. During that time he developed Oscar3, which extracts chemical names from scientific text. Between 2009 and 2013 he worked for Linguamatics Ltd. (Cambridge, UK), working as a Research Scientist. In 2013 he joined the RSC to work as a Senior Application Developer, with a focus on natural language processing.
Aileen Day Aileen Day (née Gray) originally studied Materials Science at the University of Cambridge (BA and MSc) from 1995 until 1999 and then obtained a PhD (computer modelling zeolites) at the Chemistry department, University College London. She followed her PhD with a year’s postdoctoral research (adapting molecular dynamics code and modelling organic crystals). As a Materials Information Consultant at Granta Design Ltd. (Cambridge, UK) she developed materials data management databases and software to store, analyse, publish and use materials test and design data. Since 2009 she has worked in the Informatics R&D team at the Royal Society of Chemistry developing ChemSpider, RSC Publications and educational projects, and linking these various resources together. She has also integrated ChemSpider with other projects external to the RSC, for example Electronic Lab Notebooks, and provides technical support to other companies and academics pursuing such integrations.
Kenneth Karapetyan Kenneth Karapetyan studied Chemistry at Moscow State University (BS and MSc) and then obtained his PhD in organic and computational chemistry at the Institute of Fine Organic Chemistry in the Republic of Armenia. His postdoctoral research at the University of Pittsburgh (USA) was related to theoretical and computational chemistry. In particular he performed molecular modeling and ab Initio calculations of water clusters, water-graphite and water – carbon nanotube systems. Ken was an associate information analyst at Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) in Columbus, Ohio performing chemical literature review, indexing, abstracting, and developing editorial tools. Ken then joined the PubChem group at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and dealt with the development of automated data pipelines, data management, the development of in-house and public facing services, the curation of bioassays and interacting with data depositors. Ken was involved with the development of a gene and protein viewer project, Sequence Viewer, focused on development of the user interface. At RSC he works on software-based chemical validation approaches, the enhancement of the ChemSpider deposition system and the development of the user interface.
Alexey Pshenichnov Alexey Pshenichnov studied Maths and Computer Science at Moscow State University from 1995 until 2000. After graduating he was a developer for seven years for Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) where he focused on the design and development of web-based applications for providing access to different types of enterprise level chemical databases. He immigrated to the USA and joined the National Institutes of Health where he worked on the dbGaP project (database of Genotypes and Phenotypes) developing a submission system for study results investigating the interaction of genotypes and phenotypes. In 2010 Alexey joined the ChemSpider team at the Royal Society of Chemistry where he has applied his skills to the development of the platform, especially to enhancements of the user interface, to improving the performance of the underlying technologies and to participating in the Open PHACTS project.
Susan Richardson Susan Richardson was born in America, and moved to the UK in 2005. She graduated in 2011 with a BA in Art Conservation from the University of Delaware, her studies including a significant component of Organic Chemistry. After graduation, she joined the RSC as a Publishing Assistant on the Analytical team, selecting and entering content for the Analytical Abstracts database. She has been working on ChemSpider since April of 2013, focusing on user support, community engagement and data quality. She is responsible for making sure that the rest of the team know what users are saying. Her aim is to really understand how people use ChemSpider, and to use that knowledge to not only help out with their problems and create guides and training materials, but also to help shape the development of the site to improve their user experience.
David Sharpe David Sharpe studied Chemistry at the University of York (MChem) and obtained his PhD there investigating ‘Applications of Novel Metal-Free Radical Reactions in Organic Synthesis’. He subsequently performed postdoctoral research in the field of asymmetric chemistry. In 2009 he joined the RSC as a technical editor working in the Analytical team handling the preparation of manuscripts and on selection and entry of data for the Analytical Abstracts database. He subsequently became part of the cheminformatics team with a focus on curation, data quality and user support in ChemSpider. In this role he deals with processing and deposition of large datasets and seeks to improve the quality data both within the database and external sources, including Wikipedia.
Jon Steele Jon Steele graduated in 2000 with a BSc in Computer Studies from Nottingham Trent University and went on to work in Cambridge developing financial services and commodity trading software. He joined the RSC in 2008 and holds the position of Senior Applications Developer. He has been working on ChemSpider since November 2010 focusing his efforts in many different areas, including: database performance tuning, web services, load testing, front-end development, search engine optimization (SEO) and integrating analytics to the ChemSpider website. He specializes in SQL Server and C#/ASP.NET development.
 Valery Tkachenko Valery Tkachenko graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University receiving his M.Sc. in Chemistry and B.Sc. in Computer Sciences. He worked at Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) for 7 years and was the leader of a team developing web-based applications for managing analytical spectroscopy data, for sample management systems for pharmaceutical companies and for the development of chemistry tools for very early mobile devices (Palm Pilots and Windows CE). He immigrated to the USA in 2004 where he worked at the National Institutes of Health as a member of the PubChem team. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer for ChemSpider and is the technical lead for the Cheminformatics team at the Royal Society of Chemistry. His passion is delivering cheminformatics technologies via enterprise level architectures that can serve the chemistry community. He is presently leading the development of chemistry software tools to support the Open PHACTS semantic web project. He is the author of over 20 peer reviewed papers and book chapters.
Antony Williams Antony Williams holds a BSc Hons I from the University of Liverpool and obtained his PhD from the University of London focused on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. He held a postdoctoral position at the National Research Council in Ottawa, Canada before joining the University of Ottawa as their NMR Facility Manager. He was the NMR Technology Leader at the Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY for over five years before joining Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) where he worked for over a decade and was the Chief Science Officer focusing his cheminformatics skills on structure representation, nomenclature and analytical data handling. He is widely published with over 140 publications or book chapters and is the author of three books. He is one of the original founders of ChemSpider and developed the system with the intention of providing access to high quality data for the chemistry community. He is presently the VP of Strategic Development at the Royal Society of Chemistry and leads the Cheminformatics team within the organization. He is known as the ChemConnector in the chemistry social network and is an active blogger and supporter of Open Science.
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