ChemSpider 2D Image | Cobalt(II) hydroxide | H2CoO2

Cobalt(II) hydroxide

  • Molecular FormulaH2CoO2
  • Average mass92.948 Da
  • Monoisotopic mass92.938683 Da
  • ChemSpider ID8305419
  • Charge - Charge

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21041-93-0 [RN]
235-763-0 [EINECS]
cobalt dihydroxide
cobalt hydroxide
Cobalt(2+) dihydroxide [ACD/IUPAC Name]
Cobalt(2+) hydroxide
Cobalt(2+)dihydroxid [German] [ACD/IUPAC Name]
Cobalt(II) hydroxide [Wiki]
Cobaltous hydroxide
  • Experimental Physico-chemical Properties
    • Experimental Melting Point:

      250 °C (Decomposes) Alfa Aesar
      250 °C (Decomposes) Alfa Aesar 12524, B22045
    • Experimental Solubility:

      3.2 ? 10-4% w/w in 20?C water Kaye & Laby (No longer updated)
      soluble in acid Kaye & Laby (No longer updated)
      Soluble in acids, ammonia. Very slightly soluble in water Alfa Aesar 12524
      soluble in NH4 salts Kaye & Laby (No longer updated)
    • Experimental Density:

      3.597 g/mL / 15 °C Kaye & Laby (No longer updated)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Appearance:

      pink powder OU Chemical Safety Data (No longer updated) More details
    • Toxicity:

      Inorganic Compound; Cobalt Compound; Pollutant; Industrial/Workplace Toxin; Synthetic Compound Toxin, Toxin-Target Database T3D0662
    • Safety:

      22-43 Alfa Aesar B22045, 12524
      24-37 Alfa Aesar B22045, 12524
      24-37-60 Alfa Aesar B22045
      H302-H317 Alfa Aesar B22045
      HARMFUL / IRRITANT Alfa Aesar B22045
      P261-P280-P301+P312-P363-P321-P501a Alfa Aesar B22045
      Safety glasses, adequate ventilation. OU Chemical Safety Data (No longer updated) More details
      Warning Alfa Aesar B22045
      WARNING: Irritates lungs, eyes, skin Alfa Aesar 12524
      WARNING: Irritates skin and eyes, harmful if swallowed Alfa Aesar B22045
      WARNING: May cause irritation, skin or lung sensitization. Alfa Aesar 12524

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