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Our mission

Our goal is to simplify the purchasing process for you and remove needless logistic and paperwork hurdles—use us for a centralized, one-stop shopping and ordering platform.

Chemical sourcing made simple

Large amounts of time, cost, and effort are spent in laboratories when trying to find reliable suppliers of compounds and chemical building blocks and procuring them. Molport was created to take responsibility for both sourcing and procurement, accelerating drug discovery by helping scientists focus on their important research. We assure reliable sourcing of hundreds and thousands of compounds from many trustworthy suppliers, helping scientists in industry, academia, and government institutions worldwide get their compounds in the most cost-effective way and in the format of their choice.

The best suppliers, all in one place

Containing a catalog of all the major chemical suppliers in the world, Molport was created to provide a consolidated online database for easy and efficient order fulfillment. Offering 100 million SKUs and updated regularly, it is one of the largest databases in Europe catering to drug discovery and consists of commercially available screening compounds, building blocks and virtual compounds. With Molport’s advanced algorithms in place, we can track compounds when ordered and monitor how well suppliers fulfill your orders. Based on these statistics, we suggest the best way to order compounds such that you receive them at the time and in the format you require.

A comprehensive service to source compounds

Order and locate compounds with ease. Molport's advanced structure/substructure search tools help you find the specific compounds and analogues you need. Our powerful compound list searches make for easy sourcing of large numbers of compounds for drug screening applications and offer contingency plans if any compounds are currently not available—so your research is not delayed.





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