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AnalytiCon Discovery GmbH is a biotechnology company focusing on the development of compound libraries consisting of natural product and synthetic small molecules. As the global market leader in natural product small molecule screening compounds, AnalytiCon Discovery is the only company which is able to provide vast collections with completely disclosed structural information. As a pure compound provider the company is offering its products and services to the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, cosmetical and nutraceutical industry. AnalytiCon Discovery's customers from all over the world are using the compounds to develop new drugs, crop protection agents and food additives

Through its unique and proprietary technological approach (MEGAbolite®) AnalytiCon Discovery is putting nature back into drug discovery! After its foundation in 2000, AnalytiCon Discovery has further developed the long years’ experience of its parent company (AnalytiCon AG) and offers two types of natural product libraries, MEGAbolite® (natural product small molecules) and NatDiverse™ (semi-synthetic substances).

AnalytiCon Discovery is a privately held and VC-funded company that is currently still in its first round of funding.


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