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Molecules was founded by scientists for scientists in 2005 with one goal in mind: reduce drug discovery timelines through improved efficiencies. After spending 25 years in drug discovery, we took a step back and looked at every step of compound sourcing, procurement and logistics and asked ourselves - can this be streamlined?

Yes it can! And the result is an improved compound acquisition workflow that brings benefits to all types of organizations:

9 of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies work with eMolecules to build and replenish compound libraries by comparing collections from multiple vendors, getting the lowest possible prices, and ordering selected compounds in a specific format and purity all delivered in a single shipment.

4 of the 5 largest biotechs use eMolecules to order customized screening decks and building blocks through a single purchasing system. Bench chemists can search our database of 6 million compounds and place orders on a daily basis.

For dozens of small biotechs and academic groups, eMolecules acts as an in-house procurement department, sourcing hundreds of compounds from around the world, with the benefit of lower pricing from volume discounts

All of this wouldn't be possible without our network of more than 150 trusted suppliers, who work with us to deliver high quality compounds at competitive prices and with quick turn-around times, less than 10 days.

Achieving these efficiencies in compound acquisition and procurement is just the first step. We are working on ways to streamline compound synthesis, high-throughput screening, and compound optimization, so that you can focus on the science and leave the process stuff to us.











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