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AraCyc - Arabidopsis thaliana

AraCyc, a single species database maintained in collaboration with TAIR (The Arabidopsis Information Resource), houses a large set of curated metabolic pathways.

  • The majority of the pathways found in AraCyc have some measure of experimental support, but additional computationally-predicted pathways are included to maximize the hypothesis-generating power of the database. These pathways are known to exist in other species or in non-plant organisms, but have not been reported in Arabidopsis. However, some hints indicate that Arabidopsis may utilize the same pathway or similar routes. All predicted pathways are manually reviewed by curators who add comments concerning their potential validity.

  • As in PlantCyc, enzymes present in AraCyc may have experimental support or may be based solely on computational predictions. And, an identical set of evidence codes is used to clearly identify the source of the information.

  • The structures for the genes included in AraCyc are based on TAIR genome annotations. Additional Gene Ontology and Plant Ontology functional annotations derived from experimental data and computational predictions may be listed at the TAIR gene pages. These are categorized using a different set of evidence codes.










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