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Dasha Atamanchuk

UkrORgSYnthesis (UORSY) is a young fast-growing supplier of chemicals for high-throughput screening and drug discovery. The company was founded in 2001. Since then it has become a leading supplier for many pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and agrochemical companies worldwide.

The company employs 60 chemists of which one third earned Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry. A majority of our chemists got their education either at the Kyiv National University or at the Kyiv Technical University. Some of our employees got an additional professional training at the Institute of Organic Chemistry of National Academy of Science (NAS) of Ukraine.

Today the facilities of UORSY occupy a total area of 1500 square meters. Our lab and office space is partly located at the terrains of the Institute of Organic Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine and the SINTECO Research Institute. Our chemists work in modern, fully equipped laboratories. There is the instrumentation needed to perform synthetic experiments of any complexity and assure proper quality control of the obtained compounds. Collaborations with major Ukrainian regional research centers allow us accessing the regional intellectual resources which we consider an essential background for a truly innovative research.

Presently about 1 000 000 original and unique compounds are available from the UORSY's stock. Besides the production of screening compounds and reactive intermediates we are getting more and more involved in custom synthesis and development of targeted libraries.



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+38 044 531 94 97  

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