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29/09/2013 16:04:03
This compound name is SCH-52900 or Sch 52900, not to be SCH-52901. Literature: Inhibition of c-fos proto-oncogene induction by Sch 52900 and Sch 52901, novel diketopiperazine produced by Gliocladium sp. M. Chu, I. Truumees, M.L. Rothofsky, M.G. Patel, F. Gentile, P.R. Das, M.S. Puar & S.L. Lin (Schering-Plough Research Institute), J. Antibiotics 48: 1440(1995).
07/10/2013 13:09:30
Thank you for the feedback. It appears that the associations that you have flagged came to us from ChEMBL - after a bit of research it seems that a later paper (10.1021/np0502241) was the source of the transposition of the synonyms. I have now fixed the ChemSpider records and passed on my findings to ChEMBL
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