The team

As part of the Royal Society of Chemistry there are many people who contribute to the ongoing support and development of ChemSpider and many more who are involved with the Royal Society of Chemistry’s databases and cheminformatics resources. If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, please email us at .

Editorial team

Susan Richardson

Susan was born in America, and moved to the UK in 2005. She developed a passion for the chemical sciences while studying Organic Chemistry as an integral part of a BA in Art Conservation from the University of Delaware. After graduating in 2011, she joined the RSC as a Publishing Assistant on the Analytical team, selecting and entering content for the Analytical Abstracts database. She has been working on ChemSpider since April of 2013, focusing on user support, community engagement and data quality. Her aim is to really understand how people use ChemSpider, and to use that knowledge to not only help out with their problems and create guides and training materials, but also to help shape the development of the site to improve their user experience.

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Mark Archibald

Mark studied chemistry (specialising in synthetic organic chemistry) at the Universities of Glasgow and Cambridge. He joined the RSC in 2012, initially as a Publishing Editor handling the peer review and preparation of manuscripts in the Organic team. In 2013 he moved to the Data team, researching and writing entries for The Merck Index before taking over administration of the National Chemical Database Service in 2016. He began working on ChemSpider in 2017, supporting users and curating data, in addition to continuing his work on NCDS.

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API team

David Sharpe

David studied Chemistry at the University of York (MChem) and obtained his PhD there investigating ‘Applications of Novel Metal-Free Radical Reactions in Organic Synthesis’. He subsequently performed postdoctoral research in the field of asymmetric chemistry. In 2009 he joined the RSC as a technical editor working in the Analytical team handling the preparation of manuscripts and on selection and entry of data for the Analytical Abstracts database. He subsequently became part of the cheminformatics team with a focus on curation, data quality and user support in ChemSpider. In October of 2017, he became the product manager for the Royal Society of Chemistry’s APIs.

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