Advertising on ChemSpider

ChemSpider is a thriving structure-centric community attracting tens of thousands of Chemists a day searching for chemistry related data. With over 58 million chemical structures listed and integration with Wikipedia, scientific journals, supplier information and a range of other data sources ChemSpider is rapidly becoming the essential information resource for research chemists.

Vendor Catalogues

If you provide us with your catalogue, we can list you as a vendor on the ChemSpider record pages for the compounds you sell. Please visit our Chemical Vendors page for information about our formatting requirements, and how to submit your catalogue.

Banner Advertising

There are a number of opportunities to promote sales of your products and services by targeting your advertising at members of the ChemSpider community and these include: Advertisers can serve banner adverts across all 34 million pages of the site on a rotating basis. Detailed analysis of the adverts performance in terms of click thrus and ad impressions can be provided allowing ChemSpider to demonstrate the value for money it is giving.

To discuss advertising opportunities for ChemSpider or any other RSC print and digital product, please call +44 (0)1223 432181 or email

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